plot «plot», noun, verb, plot|ted, plot|ting.
1. a secret plan, especially to do something wrong: »

Two men formed a plot to rob the bank.

SYNONYM(S): intrigue, conspiracy.
2. the plan or main story of a play, novel, poem, or other literary or theatrical piece: »

Some people like plots filled with action and adventure.

3. a small piece of ground: »

a garden plot.

4. a map or diagram: »

He made a plot of the route of the hike.

5. Nautical. the course or position, as of a ship or aircraft, drawn on a chart.
1. to plan secretly with others; plan: »

to plot mischief or revenge.

2. to divide (land) into plots: »

The farm was plotted out into house lots.

3. to make a map, diagram, or chart of: »

The nurse plotted a chart to show the patient's temperature over several days.

4. to mark the position of (something) on a map, diagram, or chart: »

The nurse plotted the patient's temperature over several days.

5. Mathematics. a) to determine the location of (a point) by means of its coordinates; mark (a point) on graph paper. b) to make (a curve) by connecting points marked out on a graph. c) to represent (an equation or function) by means of a curve drawn through points on a graph.
1. to plan secretly with others to do something wrong; contrive a plot; conspire: »

The rebels plotted against the government.

2. to devise a literary plot.
[perhaps Old English plot patch of ground. Compare etym. under plat1 (Cf.plat), complot. (Cf.complot)]
plot´less, adjective.
plot´less|ness, noun.
Synonym Study transitive verb. 1, intransitive verb. Plot, conspire, scheme mean to plan secretly. Plot implies forming secretly, alone or together with others, a carefully designed plan, usually harmful or treacherous, against a person, group, or country: »

Enemy agents plotted to blow up the plant.

Conspire implies combining with others to carry out an illegal act, especially treachery or treason: »

They conspired to overthrow the government.

Scheme implies careful planning, often in a crafty or underhand way, to gain one's own ends: »

He schemed to become president.

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